July 21, 2009

JConsole / JMX – followup

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A few points to add to my previous posting on JConsole:

  • As well as performance data, you have access to configuration data. Be aware that it is read-write! So whilst it might be a nice alternative to digging around for your instanceconfig.xml etc, you should be careful
  • If you have your BI Server and Presentation Services deployed on separate servers then you will only get MBeans for the relevant service:

  • If you want to view the values of the BI Server MBeans and your Presentation Services server is not on the same box then you have to use JConsole/JMX, as Performance Monitor will not have access to the values:

An alternative to jconsole is to access the Oracle BI Management MBeans through oc4j. @lex has details here

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