July 23, 2009

sawserver charts crash

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By a strange co-incidence after following this thread on OTN forums about a BI crash and struggling to understand the actual problem, I think I’ve encountered it myself!

I’ve got a test install of OBIEE running on my Windows XP laptop, and whilst building a report in Answers got this:

The “Error signature” (brings to mind fountain pens and blotting pads) was:

szAppName : sawserver.exe szAppVer : szModName : kernel32.dll
szModVer : 5.1.2600.3119 offset : 000097a3

Going to the sawserver log at c:\OracleBIData\web\log\sawlog0.log disappointingly showed no error entries 😦

A suggestion here of a bug but it relates to pivot tables, which I wasn’t doing.

I’ve been able to reproduce this error. It’s on a report with a table and chart. It works fine with the original dataset of 97 rows returned, but when I remove a filter and 22,000 rows are returned sawserver barfs when rendering it.

I’ve increased the logging level in sawserver, but still can’t see anything helpful in the log.

It’s definitely something to do with the chart, because I’ve now whittled the report down to just the chart and the large dataset query, and it crashes PS every time it’s run.

I’ve upped the javahost logging (see [OracleBI]\web\javahost\config\logconfig.txt), nothing to be seen there. I dug around in CORDA, the chart generation software, but failed to get any logs out.

The only bit of firm diagnostic is that when a chart is successfully rendered there are two files created in C:\WINDOWS\TEMP:
(where 150001_63825 varies). The .in file is XML, I think as sent to Corda for rendering. The .out I binary and I assume is the flash file.
When I run my dodgy report, neither of these two files gets created. For successful charts the javahost log shows:

23-Jul-2009 23:30:33 ChartRpcCall processMessage
INFO: Saved request to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\Charts_150001_63825.javahost.in. Saving response to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\Charts_150001_63825.javahost.out

In the javahost log is a WARNING: Unexpected exception. Connection will be closed message, presumably from sawserver barfing out and dropping the connection.

So if the sawserver “sends” graphs to corda via javahost, and javahost isn’t logging the request -and it’s sawserver process that’s crashing- the fault’s presumably somewhere in sawserver, my guess is when it tries to render a chart with too many data points?

[update 2]
After upgrading to I now get this error displayed in Answers when I try to render the chart:

A fatal error occurred while processing the request. The server responded with: Error while executing ChartRpcCall.processMessage com.siebel.analytics.utils.InputStreamWithLimit$ReadOverTheLimitException at com.siebel.analytics.utils.InputStreamWithLimit.incTotalBytes(InputStreamWithLimit.java:58) at com.siebel.analytics.utils.InputStreamWithLimit.read(InputStreamWithLimit.java:41) at com.siebel.analytics.utils.IOUtils.copyStreams(IOUtils.java:38) at com.siebel.analytics.utils.IOUtils.copyStreams(IOUtils.java:28) at com.siebel.analytics.web.javahostrpccalls.corda.ChartRpcCall.ensureSafeAttrs(ChartRpcCall.java:84) at com.siebel.analytics.web.javahostrpccalls.corda.ChartRpcCall.processUnidi(ChartRpcCall.java:225) at com.siebel.analytics.web.javahostrpccalls.corda.ChartRpcCall.processMessageInternal(ChartRpcCall.java:265) at com.siebel.analytics.javahost.AbstractRpcCall.processMessage(AbstractRpcCall.java:107) at com.siebel.analytics.javahost.MessageProcessorImpl.processMessage(MessageProcessorImpl.java:175) at com.siebel.analytics.javahost.Listener$Job.run(Listener.java:223) at com.siebel.analytics.javahost.standalone.SAJobManagerImpl.threadMain(SAJobManagerImpl.java:205) at com.siebel.analytics.javahost.standalone.SAJobManagerImpl$1.run(SAJobManagerImpl.java:153) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619) .
Error Codes: AGEGTYVF

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  1. Hi,

    We have the same error when trying to plot a tabel with approx. 45,000 rows.
    We haven’t narrowed it down to find the limit but it definitly work with (a lot) fewer rows.
    If somone knows of a parameter or similar that will allows us to draw this graph I would be very grateful.
    Kind Regards
    Jens Otto

    Comment by Jens Otto Sørensen — October 1, 2009 @ 09:40

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