July 30, 2009

What is OBIA…

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Very good post by @lex giving a nice clear explanation of what OBIA (Oracle Business Intelligence Applications) is


This should be made a sticky on the OBIA forum in my opinion.

It’s clear from postings on the forum that an awful lot of people don’t understand what OBIA is or how it sits with OBIEE. I even attended a course last week in which the Oracle trainer stated that OBIEE included ETL and DW schemas, and stuck to this when challenged.

Part of people’s confusion will be from their reluctance to RTFM, but the sheer confusion suggests that Oracle have some way to go in clearly defining their BI toolset.


This is my definition of OBIA…

OBIEE + Informatica + DAC + metadata bits + a sprinkle of fairy dust = OBIA



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