August 4, 2009

OBIA grumble

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I’m starting on an upgrade from OBIA 7.9.5 to 7.9.6 and wading through the two main docs:

It would be nice if Oracle could come up with some less confusing terminology. It seems that not only is the whole product of OBIA referred to as OBIA (see @lex’s posting for a good explanation), but that the sub-components which are not-OBIEE-or-DAC-or-Informatica is also OBIA, c.f. page 6-1 of the Upgrade guide “[…]upgrade your Oracle BI Applications environment to the current version.”
To me that implies that once I’ve done this, my OBIA will be upgraded – but no, actually, some of the supporting bits will be upgraded, but I still have to do a heck of a lot more grunt work before what I consider OBIA (and the manual is called OBIA too!) is upgraded.

And whilst I’m at it … it tells you to “[…]uninstall […] previous release of Oracle BI Applications […]” – but doesn’t tell you how.
I checked the docs but found no reference, and in the end manually moved the objects listed in the Installation guide page 4-13 as being installed by the Oracle BI Applications installation (which of course installs Oracle BI Applications, but not Oracle BI Applications – spot the difference? sorry, I’m just being fatuous now) out of c:\OracleBI and C:\OracleBIData.
After running the 7.9.6 OBIA installer I noticed a c:\OracleBI\UninstallApps folder, so maybe that was there for 7.9.5 before too and I just missed it.
Still – how difficult would it have been to include in the documentation “You must install previous versions first, run c:\OracleBI\UninstallApps\setup.exe to do this“?


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