September 8, 2009

AdminTool.exe /command

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There’s an undocumented feature in AdminTool.exe that you can use the /command switch with a text file containing scripted commands to make changes to an RPD file (or create a new one).

It’s undocumented and UNSUPPORTED so be careful using it.

Some good details in these blog posts, especially Erik’s which has a good list of syntax.

I’m intrigued to know how the original posters figured out the commands available, if it’s undocumented… 🙂

Just discovered that CAF uses this functionality in order to Consistency Check the altered RPD that it can create:
CAF uses commandline script:
C:\OracleBI\server\bin\AdminTool /command C:\CAF_Training\Target\Consistency.config

Open C:\CAF_Training\Target\paint.rpd Administrator Administrator
ConsistencyCheck C:\CAF_Training\Target\ConsistencyCheck.log



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