September 10, 2009

OBIEE on Opera 10 / IE 7 / FF 3.5 / Chrome 4

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A new version of the web browser Opera was released recently. Several years ago I used Opera and may even have paid for it IIRC. Then Firefox came along, and the “it’s not IE” excuse was lost for Opera. Not that I mind IE too much nowadays but at the time it was atrocious. Since then I’ve revisited Opera each time a new release has come out, but nothing has impressed me enough to ditch Firefox (and nowadays Google Chrome).

I could start being rude about each browser’s strengths and weaknesses, but I’ll simply leave it at this for now:

OBIEE Paint RPD on Opera 10

OBIEE Paint RPD on Opera 10

OBIEE Paint RPD on IE7

OBIEE Paint RPD on IE7

OBIEE Paint RPD on Firefox 3.5

OBIEE Paint RPD on Firefox 3.5


OBIEE Paint RPD on Google Chrome 4


OBIEE Paint RPD on IE8

WTF has happened to the page on Opera?? I will wager that I’m certainly not the only person who will see Opera do that and hit the uninstall button. I don’t care if it’s standards-compliant and OBIEE is at fault. I don’t care if it solves world poverty. I’m not going to waste my time looking for workarounds when there’s other browsers as capable and work out of the box.

(Firefox mangles the marquee text, but anyone using marquee should be taken out and shot anyway IMO – but fair’s fair, if you want marquee then stick to IE)

[Updated 11 Sept with Google Chrome 4 screenshot – and Marquee works 😦 😉 ) ]

[Updated 21st Sept with IE 8 screenshot]


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  1. I tried OBIEE out using Opera and the fact that it doesn’t work brought me here.
    Opera is obviously a waste of time, if you look at their support page this is what you get.
    “Please note: Technical support questions related to the Opera Web browser, built-in e-mail client, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile and other Opera products will not be answered. Please visit our Support pages.”

    Comment by Mart — March 31, 2010 @ 14:19

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