November 25, 2009

SoOotW and sweep

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(Sorry for the lame title, but it gives me an excuse to put this picture in 🙂 )

I was really pleased by the response I got from my posting about The state of OBIEE on the web, knowing that it’s not just me goes a long way to keeping my blood pressure down.

The OTN forum is still an unbalanced mix of tosh (is this guy for real?) with the occasional insightful and interesting post or idea such as this really neat one from Joe Bertram about using multiple presentation services on top of the same RPD to give different interfaces to different end devices.

That there is still some good content on OTN being posted, and with OBIEE 11g hopefully around the corner (and thus a whole lot more to discuss!), makes me think that Andriy Yakushyn’s kind offer of hosting a new, moderated, forum could be a good idea.
I discovered Oracle-L the other day which has what I think is a good approach to moderation:

New subscribers to this list are not able to post messages at first. To get this privilege turned on, you must email me. If you are using an anonymous email address, you must identify yourself. I also like to know what city you live in and what company you work for. Please be sure to send the request from the address for which you want the privilege, not from some other address. Please avoid being rude or impatient. Please subscribe to the list before asking for the posting privilege.

This way casual [lazy] fire-and-forget posters with their UGRENT!!! questions are dissuaded, the community becomes more of a community of knowns instead of user2371623 answering user8923713’s question – and important for making everything work, there is no burden on moderator(s) having to vet all posts. Anyone misbehaving can easily be warned or booted, but generally the forum would run itself.
To Joel Garry’s point against moderation, I disagree – to “gangfaq” someone on OTN would simply add to the clutter in the group.


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  1. Agreed that there needs to be a new forum outside the typical OTN. The energy, effort, time required to moderate, maintain and keep it fresh and interesting would be quite a commitment but given the size of the OBIEE community, the amount of blogs rehashing the same old information in different forms of delivery and the lack of ingenuity these days on implementing solutions within OBIEE 10g (many of which have already been tried and tested by now), this is definitely something who’s time has come… I hope sooner than later. 🙂 Good luck!

    Comment by grubble — January 5, 2010 @ 03:16

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