February 10, 2010

Exadata V2 POC numbers

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I stumbled across this blog posting recently, and am reposting the link here as I’ve seen no mention of it elsewhere. This surprised me as with Exadata (and most new technologies) any snippet of news or tech insight gets blogged and tweeted multiple times over.

Any insight into Exadata is interesting as unlike all the other Oracle software which can be downloaded and poked & prodded, this is a physical box so we rely on blog postings and marketing (with a BS filter) to understand more about it.

I’d have liked to see greater explanation of the Querying performance, as there’s no non-exadata number to compare with which makes it less useful

Anyway, the article is here:
Oracle Exadata V2 POC results

Update 24 Feb 2010: The blog’s been taken down, perhaps because these numbers shouldn’t have been published. There’s still a copy in Google Cache



  1. Nice spot Mr Rnm…
    Getting POC figure like this is, as you say, uncommon – people are quite shy about what they are doing or talk about their data – or (in some cases I know) even admit to using exadata.

    From experience with V1 of Exadata I would agree with the order of improvements observed in the ETL process – I also know that (as with all systems optimised for moving bulk data around in parallel) that poorly written overly procedural code will not let it shine)
    Set based ETL such as OWB code actually runs rather well on Exadata

    Comment by Pete Scott — February 15, 2010 @ 13:30

  2. It is interesting that blog was taken down, I was looking for it ahead of my Collaborate talk on Exadata…good I saved a copy of the posting locally!

    Comment by Shyam v Nath — April 18, 2010 @ 02:06

    • Google Cache still has a copy too 🙂

      Comment by rnm1978 — April 19, 2010 @ 09:27

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