April 22, 2010

Opera + Oracle EM = true love

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A faithful FireFox user for many users, I’ve been having a rather delightful rekindling of my old love for Opera recently. Back in the days, when I was a beardless bairn, I even paid for Opera I liked it so much. Then Firefox came along and Opera got dropped by the wayside like a teenage crush.

Well Opera 10.5 was released recently and I’m liking it. I miss my Firefox extensions too much to switch entirely, but damn, Opera is FAST!!

I think it was Doug Burns at UKOUG TEBS last year who mentioned Opera and EM went well together and I’d back that up, it is nice and fast.

Using Opera with EM also lets you take advantage of Opera’s window/tab management to create a rather nice display of multiple EM pages like this – all within one self-contained browser window

Even better, you can can use Opera’s Save Session functionality to save the position of each window, and then load it up on demand:

There’s too much Opera doesn’t do (full integration with LastPass, Echofon, ReadItLater, etc) for me to ditch Firefox, and maybe it’s a good thing it resists the move to bloatware to keep it running fast.


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