July 21, 2009

JConsole / JMX – followup

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A few points to add to my previous posting on JConsole:

  • As well as performance data, you have access to configuration data. Be aware that it is read-write! So whilst it might be a nice alternative to digging around for your instanceconfig.xml etc, you should be careful
  • If you have your BI Server and Presentation Services deployed on separate servers then you will only get MBeans for the relevant service:

  • If you want to view the values of the BI Server MBeans and your Presentation Services server is not on the same box then you have to use JConsole/JMX, as Performance Monitor will not have access to the values:

An alternative to jconsole is to access the Oracle BI Management MBeans through oc4j. @lex has details here

OBIEE admin tools & hacks

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As a kid I loved the idea of lego where you can disassemble and reassemble something from the ground up. As soon as I got my hands on a computer it was the same. You can have your Acorn Archimedes with its games, where do I find the sprites and sound files behind it? Likewise Microsoft Word, let me at the VBA underneath to hack it around and see what else it can do.

With that in mind I’ve enjoyed discovering bits of the “underbelly” of OBIEE from manuals, blogs and a few SRs I’ve raised.

Here’s my list so far, please feel free to add to it in the comments and correct any errors or missing credits 🙂

Oracle BI Management data
This server-based performance and diagnostic data can be access through several methods:


Credit: http://obiee101.blogspot.com/2009/07/obiee-perfmon-performance-monitor.html

Go to http://%5Bserver%5D:%5Bport%5D/analytics/saw.dll?perfmon and you’ll get the Performance Monitor. This is the same data that’s used by the BI Management Pack and is accessible through the jmx agent


An alternative to jconsole is to access the Oracle BI Management MBeans through oc4j. @lex has details here

Windows perfmon

More details in separate post here


The same data as through perfmon above, full details here: jmx agent


jManage is an open-source tool that can also be used to access the MBeans:
See this post for information
Credit: http://tipsonobiee.blogspot.com/2009/07/sawping.html

C:\OracleBI\web\bin>sawping.exe -help
sawping [-p port] [-s host] [-v (verbose mode)] [-q (quiet mode)] [-h]C:\OracleBI\web\bin>sawping.exe -s myPSserver.company.net -v
Server alive and well

NB not got this working yet on unix:

obiee/web/bin64 $./sawping64
/usr/lib/hpux64/dld.so: Unable to find library ‘libsawcomm643r.so’.

Found in [OracleBI Home]/web/bin (or Bin64)

Great little command line tool. We’re using it for some crude load testing (get a bunch of logical-SQL statements and use unix scripting to fire them in parallel at the BI Server) as well as monitoring of the BI Server (“pinging” it regularly with some small logical-SQL to make sure it responds correctly)
Found in [OracleBI Home]/server/Bin (or Bin64)

(UNIX only, duh)
What it says on the tin – validates your Unix environment is suitable for OBIEE

Usage: UnixChk.sh [-b] [-s | ]

Support asked me to run this, you’ll find it in [OBIEE home]/server/Bin

Usage: ./diagcap.sh -d [-p] [-h]
-d : directory that info will be stored
The directory must be empty
-p : absolute path to Oracle BI root directory
May be omitted if the SAROOTDIR
environment variable is set
-h : show this help message

It collects all the config files and log files from your environment into a TAR archive, which you can then send to support.

Not OBIEE as such, but interesting for the truly nosy. This is a unix (HP) tool which you use to invoke a program and then get low-level diagnostics on what it’s up to. Most of the output may be gobbledegook to all but the hardcore programmer, but it does sometimes pick out if a library file is missing etc.
For example to invoke nqqserver in run-sa.sh:

tusc -vfe ${ANA_BIN_DIR}/nqsserver 2>&1 &

Administration Tool
Maybe not so unknown, but has front-end for monitoring clusters which I liked

The AdminTool can also be fed a script via the command line, see details here

Other stuff
This is a list of binaries that might or might not be of interest and that I plan to have a play with at some point

NB obiee/setup/sa-init64.sh and common.sh scripts might need running first to set the environment variables correctly.


  • cryptotools – used for generating keys for authentication between obiee/delivers/xmlp
  • sawmigrate – for migrating from older versions of OBIEE?


  • equalizerpds – For equalising RPDs prior to merging as part of an upgrade process Reference
  • ErrorMsgCheck (directory) – not sure
  • nqerrormsgcompiler – not sure

ErrorMessageCompiler [] []

  • nqlogviewer – For parsing BI server logs. Can be useful for clustered instances?
  • nqschangepassword – For changing of RPD user passwords
  • nqscripthostexec – not sure

Usage: nqscripthostexec Memory fault(coredump)

  • nqsshutdown – To shut down a BI Server via DSN reference (see here)
  • nqsudmlcli – something to do with UDML?
  • nqudmlexec – executing UDML against the RPD
  • nqudmlgen – generating UDML from an RPD
  • nqxudmlexec – executing XML formatted UDML against the RPD
  • nqxudmlgen – generating XML formatted UDML from an RPD
  • openssl – OpenSSL command line
  • sametaexport – Oracle Database Metadata Generator. See Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administration Guide and Venkat’s blog
  • saschinvoke – invoke Delivers jobs & iBots (see here)
  • schconfig – Scheduler [Delivers] configuration program
  • schshutdown – Shutdown Scheduler remotely?

In Googling these various binaries I found an excellent PDF from Andreas Nobbmann’s presentation in Brighton earlier this year: Scripting OBIEE – Is UDML and XML all you need?

Another useful page is here: http://gerardnico.com/wiki/dat/obiee/executable_files/start

July 16, 2009

JConsole / JMX

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[edit] See this post too [/edit]
On an OBIEE server run

nohup obiee/systemsmanagement/runagent.sh &

and then run jconsole (make sure you’ve set the DISPLAY first if you’re running it from UNIX).
NB: if you don’t have jconsole in your path you can search for it:

$whereis jconsole
jconsole: /opt/java1.5/bin/jconsole /opt/java6/bin/jconsole</span>

You should find it under your java/bin directory

You should get this kind of connection dialog:

Click connect, and the console will launch. From here click on the MBeans tab, where you’ve got access to performance and configuration data

You can connect to the agent remotely too, but to do this you need to amend runagent.sh script:
On the java_cmd line replace
-Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.port=9980 -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.authenticate=false -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.ssl=false

See here for more information on configuring jmx

The BI Management Pack uses the agent for collecting its data. The data is also accessible at http://%5Bserver%5D:%5Bport%5D/analytics/saw.dll?perfmon (hat-tip: John Minkjan)

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