October 5, 2011

OBI 11g : UPGAST-00055: error reading the Oracle Universal Installer inventory

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It’s not my fault really.

When running an installation, presented with the option of

  • (a) do a bunch of stuff and wait to continue the install later or
  • (b) tick a box and continue now

it’s a better man that I who would opt for option (a).

When I recently installed OBIEE 11g, I was prompted to get a script run as root to set up the inventory, or tick “Continue Installation with local inventory” to continue with the install.

Not having root privileges on the machine, not really understanding the purpose of OUI inventory on a single installation machine, and mostly just being a bit lazy, I obviously went for the path of least resistance.

Lazy people click here

The installation proceeded with no further issues, and I spent a couple of happy hours tinkering with the freshly installed OBI 11g and EM.

But… you cross the gods of OUI’s inventory at your peril…

When I tried to run the Upgrade Assistant, got an error:

/app/oracle/product/fmw_home/Oracle_BI1/bin $./ua
Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Assistant
Log file is located at: /app/oracle/product/fmw_home/Oracle_BI1/upgrade/logs/ua2011-10-05-08-53-26AM.log
UPGAST-00055: error reading the Oracle Universal Installer inventory
The inventory pointer location /etc/oraInst.loc is either not readable or does not exist

Sure enough, the file doesn’t exist:

$ls -l /etc/oraInst.loc
ls: /etc/oraInst.loc: No such file or directory

Fortunately it appears you can make amends with OUI easily, by running as root the script which you were originally asked to run:

[root@server]/ $/app/oracle/product/oraInventory/createCentralInventory.sh
Setting the inventory to /app/oracle/product/oraInventory
Setting the group name to biadmin
Creating the Oracle inventory pointer file (/etc/oraInst.loc)
Changing permissions of /app/oracle/product/oraInventory to 770.
Changing groupname of /app/oracle/product/oraInventory to biadmin.
The execution of the script is complete

This creates /etc/oraInst.loc, which simply points to the original local inventory which was created:

$cat /etc/oraInst.loc

After this the Upgrade Assistant fired up just fine.


June 3, 2010

OBIEE 11g launch date – 7th July 2010

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OBIEE 11g is going to be officially launched on 7th July (this year!) in London:
Launch Event: Introducing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g

h/t to Twitter and blogs (including an Oracle-branded one) this morning. Good news travels fast! 🙂

Looks like John Minkjan won the bet, did he know something we didn’t? 😉 (although is “Launch” the same as “GA”?)

March 18, 2010

OBIEE 11g tidbit – XUDML support

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Spotted this when trawling through My Oracle Support. It’s pretty common knowledge anyway amongst people already familiar with hacking around with OBIEE, but worth recording for people coming along to it new.

Doc ID 1068266.1 states:

UDML is not supported in OBI 10g.

in 11g, XUDML (the Oracle BI Server XML API) will be fully supported and documented.

November 25, 2009

OBIEE application servers, now and future

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Oracle have published an interesting doc 968223.1, entitled “Enterprise Deployment of Oracle BI EE on OC4J and App Servers”.

It details the differences between OC4J and OAS which is useful for the current versions of OBIEE. It then also gives a useful heads-up — that WebLogic becomes the App server of choice in the next version of OBIEE

All of this changes in OBI EE 11g where several projects will become absolutely dependent upon an App Server. Within Oracle Fusion Middleware, WebLogic Server will be the application server and OBI EE 11g will be deployed and certified with WebLogic Server.

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