May 28, 2009

nqcmd and [nQSError: 27005] Unresolved column

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I’m working on a scripted load test for OBIEE using nqcmd to run reports multiple times. I hit this interesting issue.

Cut and pasting the logical SQL that Presentation Services sends to BI Server from Manage Sessions -> Statement, I kept getting this error when I ran it through nqcmd:

[10058][State: S1000] [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: S1000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred.
[nQSError: 27005] Unresolved column: “Natural Account (COA)”.”Account Parent1 Code”.
Statement preparation failed

Eventually I tracked it down after looking at the logical SQL behind the report in Answers itself and comparing it to what I’d copied out of the Session statement:

SELECT “Natural Account (COA)”.”Account Parent1 Code” saw_0, “Natural Account (COA)”.”Account Parent5 Code”  […]
SELECT “Natural Account  (COA)”.”Account Parent1 Code” saw_0, “Natural Account  (COA)”.”Account Parent5 Cod […]

The “Natual Account (COA)” prefix had two spaces in it, but because I was copying it out of a web browser where multiple spaces are rendered as single unless escaped, the supposedly verbatim copy wasn’t such.

More details of the load testing script to follow…

May 18, 2009

Custom HTTP error page in OBIEE / OAS

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It’s possible to change the error pages served up by OAS/Apache by using the ErrorDocument directive. This is widely documented.

However, to get this to take effect in an oc4j application (such as analytics) you need to change mod_oc4j.conf too.
(I found this out from this post here)

Take backups of httpd.conf and mod_oc4j.conf, and then edit them as follows:

In httpd.conf add:
ErrorDocument 500 /500.html
where /500.html is a relative path to your custom document

In mod_oc4j.conf add to the end of the file:
Oc4jUseOHSErrors on

This will make any HTTP 500 (Internal Server error) errors show the page 500.html, instead of the default Apache one.

Don’t forget to bounce OHS after making this change:
opmnctl restartproc ias-component=HTTP_Server

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